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Welding wire

MIG (metal inert gas) and MAG (metal active gas) welding is a semi-automatic process in which a metal arc burns between a nominal wire electrode and a shielded gas shield. The wire is mechanically fed into the arc by a wire roller drive unit.

Packaging systems for the economical MIG / MAG welding process of the company thyssenkrupp Materials doo are delivered in packages of special volume in the form of round drums with a filling content of up to 250 kg or individual rolls of 15 kg for efficient MIG / MAG welding process, especially for mechanized and robotic operations in which the elimination of long-lasting wire exchange coils generates a drastically increased operating cycle and production result.


- SG2, dimensions 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 mm

- SG3, dimension 1.0 and dimension 1.2

- filled welding wire measuring 1.2 mm "